Tabriz Blue Mosque
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Tabriz is one of huge cities of Iran with about 2 million population. It is located in north west of the country and has cold and dry climate. Tabriz is capital city of Iran’s Turks. Iran consists of different cultures and people. (Turks) Azeri people are in north west and Kurds and Arabs are in west and south west. The most dominant nation in Iran are Turks or Azeri which are estimated to be about 20 million.

Tabriz History

The earliest civilization signs in the city belongs to an Iron Age grave yard of 1st millennium B.C. which were unearthed in late 1990s in northern side of Blue Mosque. In the 13th century many western expediters who visit Tabriz on their way to the east were amazed by the richness of the city, its magnificent buildings and its institutions. Marco Polo, who traveled thorough the Silk Road and passed Tabriz about 1275, described it as: “a great city surrounded by beautiful and pleasant gardens as It is excellently situated so the goods brought to here come from many regions. Latin merchants specially Genevis go there to buy the goods that come from foreign lands.”

Tabriz tourist attractions

This city has many tourist attractions that you may need a week to see all of them. I am not going to describe all of them here butI will name the greatest ones.

1- Grand Bazaar

This is the largest covered market in the middle east and a global UNESCO heritage. It has many sections such as Shoe sellers, Carpet sellers, Grocery stores and many more.

2- Iron age museum 

3- Elgoli park 

4- Mashrooteh museum

5- Blue Mosque

Tabriz Grand bazaar
Tabriz Blue Mosque
Blue mosque

Tourist attractions near Tabriz

There are some places and attractions close to the city in about 2-3 hours ride. These are exceptional and well worth visiting so don’t miss them out.

1- Kandovan cave houses near osku (about 40 mins ride)

2- Saint Stepanos church in Jolfa (about 1.5 hour ride)

3- Kordasht Bath near Jolfa (about 2.5 hours ride)

4- Babak castel near Kaleybar (about 3 hours ride)

5- Zahak castle Near Hashtrood (about 2 hours ride)

6- Gum tapa (Sand hill) (about 1 hour ride)

Gum Tape Tabriz
Gum Tape (Sand hill)
North border of Iran - Tabriz
Araz river side (near Jolfa) – North border of Iran


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