Rome photography spots

Okay so you want to know Rome photography spots? you’ve landed in the right place! In this article I will tell you where to go and take beautiful photos in Rome plus some examples to give you an Idea. stay tuned.

1- Terrazza del Pincio

Full address: Terrazza del Pincio, Salita del Pincio, 00187 Roma RM

Terrazza del Pincio is near Piazza del Popolo and you can access this place from Flaminio metro station just in 5 minutes. You can see a beautiful view of Rome and Vatican church from this Terrace and also take nice pictures.

2- Orange Garden

Full address: Giardino degli Aranci, Piazza Pietro D’Illiria, Roma, RM

This is a place which you can see Rome from Aventine hill and take nice photos. whenever I go there, I see photographers who are taking wedding photos. This place is usually not so crowded.

3- Tiber riverside

Tiber river is a nice place to take pictures and you can have beautiful bridges and river in your frame. I recommend you to go near Saint Angelo castle because river and bridges are more beautiful.

4- Colosseum

While Colosseum is usually so crowded and it can be hard to find nice frames, it certainly worth going Cause its the icon of Rome.

5- Laghetto Di Villa Borghese

This is a small temple in Ionic style built between 1785 and 1792 by Antonio and Mario Asprucci (father and son) and by Cristoforo Unterperger and dedicated to the God of medicine. According to the original intentions of the builders, only the construction of an architectural elevation was planned to house the statue of Aesculapius, brought to light at the ruins of the Mausoleum of Augustus.

6- Villa Ada

Rome has many beautiful parks and gardens, but my favorite is Villa Ada! Its is huge park full of trees and a very nice lake in between.

It goes without saying that Rome has many historical and beautiful land marks which are not mentioned in this article. These are our favorites, what are your favorite Rome photography spots? Please let us know in the comments below!

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I used Wikipedia to get some info about places.


how to take great pictures

In this article I will tell you the most basic concept of photography which is the importance of light. This will help you take great pictures with any camera or smart phone!

Know the light!

When I say know the light it means see how is light conditions and direction and amount. Light is the most important thing in photography and it can make a photo look great or absolutely useless! Sure there are other things like composition and subject, but for beginners, light is the most important thing. This may seem complicated at first but with a little bit of practice you should be able to master this concept and believe me it is enough for most!

Here are 2 main concepts about light:

  1. know the direction of light
  2. Know the intensity of light. (a bit hard)

know the Direction of light

This is relatively easy, just look at the direction of light and where is light source ( say sun ) and take pictures with your back to light, and subjects toward the light. This is sometimes not possible like when sun is so bright and it may irritate eyes of subject so you can pose them with 45 degrees toward sun.

The important thing here is that often people want a particular background and don’t consider light at all, so what they reach is something like this:

how to take great pictures
She said I want the beautiful sunset in background, here you have it but don’t have yourself any more !

As you can see because the light source is behind the subject, we have whats called a silhouette image and face of person is so dark. Here we have 2 solutions, first is to use a powerful flash and second is to use HDR mode that is present in some decent smartphones. either way the result will not be so good so just avoid it!

know the intensity of light

What I mean by this is to be able to identify light source’s amount of light. for example sun is the most power full light source and smart phone flash or any normal flash is less powerful. As I said this is hard and there are even devices called light-meter to tell you how much is light intensity. The reason that I think you should pay attention for this is that when you have more than one light source, you should consider the most powerful one and pose your subject accordingly.

Find reflections for great shots

You can identify how light is reflected from different surfaces, say when you see a big white wall in the street and sun is shining on it, you can use that nice reflected light to take beautiful photos.

You can also use artificial light sources of stores in the street at night! This is my favorite when strolling at night. What your achieve will surprise you!

See how I used a street light to illuminate my subject:

how to take great pictures

Finally I hope you enjoyed reading ” how to take great pictures ” and can take great pictures of your next trip! If you have any questions, just ask them bellow and I will be glad to answer.

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How to capture the right moment

Hello every body, in this article I will share my working experience on “How to capture the right moment” in documentary photography.

I am doing documentary photography for almost 10 years now and I have been in many different situations. Since I like minimal images, I prefer to be in calm places where not many people are in. These are some recommendations for you.

1- Find the right spot

The most important thing in photography is the light. If you wanna take a great photo, you need to know what is a good light and place your self and your camera accordingly.

Soaking the light

2- Evaluate everything in the frame

As I said above, I like minimal images and try to avoid distraction in my frame. So I arrange my frame carefully and try to omit extra unwanted objects.

3- Be patient and wait

How to capture the right moment
The walk – It was like a miracle! I waited for about 30 seconds and everything arranged flawlessly! I was asked many time ( once by editor) that if this is documentary work or I just added those cats there. The truth is all I like about photography is it’s miracles and with Photoshop they are not miracles any more! So I never add or delete objects from my works.

After you find the right spot and framed your image carefully, All you have to do is waiting and waiting and more waiting. Believe me it will worth it. The waiting can be so short or relatively long and its up to your luck! The only true thing is If you wait enough, you will be surprised and even miracles can happen.

“An Old man in Grand Bazaar” I waited for almost 15 minutes here and many people passed by. Finally I got a shot that I liked.

That’s all about How to capture the right moment. I hope you can capture the very best moments that you love.

Good luck!

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