Rome photography spots

Rome vacation photographer

Okay so you want to know Rome photography spots? you’ve landed in the right place! In this article I will tell you where to go and take beautiful photos in Rome plus some examples to give you an Idea. stay tuned. 1- Terrazza del Pincio Full address: Terrazza del Pincio, Salita del Pincio, 00187 Roma […]

how to take great pictures

In this article I will tell you the most basic concept of photography which is the importance of light. This will help you take great pictures with any camera or smart phone! Know the light! When I say know the light it means see how is light conditions and direction and amount. Light is the […]

How to capture the right moment

How to capture the right moment

Hello every body, in this article I will share my working experience on “How to capture the right moment” in documentary photography. I am doing documentary photography for almost 10 years now and I have been in many different situations. Since I like minimal images, I prefer to be in calm places where not many […]